The Good Ole Days

Gosh I forget how amazing it was when John Wall and Cousins teamed up. What an amazing finish for John Wall, not just setting the record with 22 assists for the NBA Rookie Game, but absolutely pummeling a monstrous dunk to end the game. Check it out!

NBA All Star Rookie Challenge

The day has come, the beginning of the NBA All Star Weekend extravaganza. In awesome Los Angeles, my hometown of all places. And to kickoff, John Wall will be playing in the Rookie Challenge, tonight starting at 9pm EST on TNT. While the focus has been on other high flying rookies, people forget that Wall is averaging 15, 9, and 4, playing 37 minutes a game. As he gets better along with his team, he’ll be getting a lot more looks at the national level. Until then, let’s all enjoy his national appearance in the rookie game tonight.

Double Double Against the Champs

Our man John Wall had a valiant night against the champs on Tuesday, dropping an impressive double double (22 pts 14 dimes) in a furious comeback that had the game in play until the final possession. While he was at it, he earned some special attention and encouragement from one of the best, Kobe Bryant himself, after the game. Even Fisher, one the game’s wily and respected veterans came by to show some love. Check out all the quotes from the LA Times and Kobe’s video conference below:

High Praise from Kobe

NBA Showdown of Calipari Graduates

Hey, I’m just a fan, so I won’t try to analyze all the data and psychology behind tonight’s Wall versus Rose match up. I’ll leave it to the experts to break it down. All I have to say is that with my favorite point guard going up against one of my other favorite NBA point guards, my head is about to explode. Both number 1 draft picks, both taught by same college coach, and both have sick skills. I hope it’s on NBA TV otherwise my West Coast tv channel is going to get some strongly worded letters from me.

And did Calipari really say Rose is slightly faster?!?

John Wall Introduction

I’d be remiss not to show y’all this awesome intro. Finally, we have him in the NBA, g’yeah!

Spectacular Summer for John Wall

Alright, so after a busy summer for free agent news and the just completed summer league, we get to wait for a while before the NBA season starts. I know that John Wall will be in the gym working his tail off. In case you missed it, John Wall has been nothing short of spectacular in the summer league. Coached by Sam “Big Cojones” Cassell, John Wall finished the summer leading in points and assists per game, at 23.5 and 7.8 respectively. Not only that, his biggest contribution has been his leadership at his ripe young age and of course his unparalleled speed. While we’re not surprised at this achievement, consider it another milestone pegged along a bright future.

Oh, and I didn’t forget his dunks. Here’s one for y’all:

John Wall Steals and Dunks vs NOR in the Summer League

And a long version highlight reel for all of Wall’s dunks and moves during the summer league, for those of us who couldn’t be in Vegas.

John Wall NBA Summer League 2010 Highlight Reel

John Wall Profile

We all know about John Wall’s wonderful talents on the court, but little do we know about his background, how he came to become the promising top basketball star today. The Washington Post recently published this in-depth profile on Wall, that warrants a read for you fans out there.

Some very interesting points include how Wall was on a road to nowhere, burdened by his father’s early death and own turmoils dealing with it at a young age, to how he eventually channeled his anger onto the court in a positive light. Reading the article gives readers – at least me for certain – a sense of rooting for him to succeed. His story so far has been a true American narrative of one picking himself up from adversity to success through hard work and talent. Let’s all hope that the riches and spotlights of the NBA don’t change or corrupt our young hero.

Congratulations John Wall

After a year of hard work and anticipation, we celebrate John Wall’s number 1 selection in the NBA draft. Well deserved. Savor the moment, celebrate well, and we’ll get back to work soon enough for an amazing rookie season to come. Cheers!

John Wall Draft Update – May

So you may have heard, the NBA draft lottery took place, where teams go through the lottery process to determine who picks first. Note that this is only the lottery and not the actual draft, so no players were picked yet. The Nets, with their exciting new billionaire Russian owner, lost the lottery despite having the best odds at 25%. On the other hand, the tormented Washington Wizards won it. So they will have the rights to draft first come summer.

While we here all know that John Wall is definitely the number 1 pick, and this blog post here makes an amazing and thorough argument for John Wall being #1, some people still question that. Well, it doesn’t matter, because all indications from the Wizards is that John Wall will be drafted first. And it doesn’t matter if Gilbert Arenas is on board or not, he can either go with it (and play 2 guard, which he is fine with), or get himself into more trouble.

It’s been interesting following John Wall these past weeks. He’s gotten a lot of media exposure and even showed up in LA for a playoff game. I’m really excited. I think he’ll do wonders for Washington. The question now is that since the Wizards have all that extra cap space after dumping Jamison and Hayward, what are they going to do with it? Can they sign a good free agent or some excellent players to surround Wall with? We’ll see.

John Wall Dunks on UNC

Ok, I know this was late last year, but watching John Wall dunk never gets old, right, right?!?

John Wall Dunks and Highlights vs UNC

Yes, I am being patient for the draft while I enjoy watching the excellent NBA playoffs (save for Atlanta-Magic, what a travesty). Don’t worry folks, I have some thoughts on the draft coming up, will have them posted as June approaches.

NBA Playoffs

The last 3 days of NBA playoffs, the closest thing to the first round of the Tourney, have been great. Defending Champs look ok, but Kobe looks very shaky. And he’s in full angry mode again with his teammates and media, reminiscent of his mood when Lakers lost to the Celtics 2 years back. The Celtics look horrible, and KB getting suspended for acting without thinking, with 40 seconds left in a done game, was just, sigh, I don’t even know what to say about that. And Melo and team losing last night to a depleted Utah Jazz, in Denver no less, is very disappointing.

I won’t even get into LeBron. The Cavs are gonna win it this year, I don’t see how any team can or will beat them.

I know that John Wall is watching these games. You don’t think he’s watching Derrick Rose and thinking, “I can do that, AND some.”

Final Floored

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. I’m so depressed right now. After such a promising season and stacked with talent, UK couldn’t even muster enough to make it to the final four. Despite a valiant, remarkable effort by John Wall, who practically carried the team, UK fell way short. They couldn’t make 3-pointers, couldn’t make free throws, couldn’t play defense. Horrid, horrible, horrendous.

And that’s how they let John Wall end his college career? Well, I say too bad for them. I look forward to his NBA career now. Don’t worry, you’ll find me posting whatever I know about Wall and his whereabouts before the draft. And will of course keep posting whatever amazing DUNKS I come across.

Peace out. Go W. Virginia!

John Wall Jersey Update

Since my last post about the whole jersey thing, things have changed a bit. I’ve found a John Wall jersey on the Kentucky online shop, but it’s in pre-order only and won’t be available until June 15th. That’s not going to help much for the NCAA, although may be useful for wearing it to the NBA draft.

Anyways, there’s still other Kentucky jerseys at this store, but they don’t have Wall jerseys. Again, I don’t think anybody does, because it’s not fair to be making money off of our man without him getting any of the proceeds. He’s already giving us his talents on the court in the NCAA world without getting paid, so let’s just enjoy it and look forward to a good tourney.

Taking Care of Business – And a John Wall Dunk

If you haven’t heard already, the Wildcats locked down the SEC championship status by beating Georgia last night. On top of that, John Wall had a fantastic game: 24 points, 6 assists, 3 steals, and this GEM:

John Wall Steal and Dunk on Georgia

March Madness is Coming

Happy March my friends. Getting ready for the big tourney and feeling antsy. While there’s no doubt UK will secure a number 1 seed, there’s still a whole week to go until Selection Sunday. So this week we should see John Wall and team complete their SEC journey and get ready for the big dance.

And before I sign off, here’s a nice alley-oop dunk and steal sequence to whet your appetite:

John Wall Alley-Oop Dunk on UConn

Old Dunk - Still Awesome

Getting a bit weary of not seeing some new dunks, at least none that are legally shared on YouTube. So I’m going back to the archives. Enjoy my friends:

John Wall Monster Dunk @ Elite 24 Rucker Park

Buying a John Wall Jersey

Bad news, I was looking for a John Wall jersey in prep for March, and I found from my friend’s site why you can’t buy college jerseys with player names on them. While some schools let you customize a jersey, UK doesn’t allow that. Well, the good news is that UK or the NCAA isn’t making bank off of John Wall’s name without giving him anything. The bad news is for us fans, we don’t have any options. (And please don’t go buy that fake stuff out there!) It’s ok, I’ll wait for the #11 NBA jersey.

Running the Point

Recent news has it that Coach Calipari would prefer John Wall to run the point instead of playing up the hype on scoring. Despite the name of this blog, I think that’s the right direction. John Wall doesn’t need to prove that he can score, we know he can score. But if he can lead, and run the tempo, control the outcome of the team play, then he already puts himself at a different level. Besides, John Wall already ranks top 10 in five different statistical categories within the SEC, which is simply amazing.

Cheer him on against Alabama tonight at 9PM EST.

Winning John Wall

ESPN’s Chad Ford does a feature on the site today, calling the 2010 draft the John Wall Lottery. Go check out their John Wall Mock Draft machine that lets you play your team’s chances of winning. I can’t wait.

John Wall Dunks!

Welcome to this basketball fansite, where we showcase John Wall’s amazing dunks! Look to this space for the coming months as he steamrolls through the NCAA tournament and gets picked as the number one draft pick for the NBA.